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File:Jupiter family.jpgJupiter and its four largest moons Jupiter has 63 confirmed moons, giving it

Moons on Jupiter - Provides list of moons of Jupiter and the names of the moons on Jupiter, Jupiter moons orbit, position, Jupiter moons facts.

Summary: Jupiter has more than 60 known moons, but understanding the geology of its four largest will hopefully lead to some groundbreaking discoveries.

This is a three-color image of Jupiter and Ganymede taken by Voyager 1. (Courtesy of NASA) (60K JPG) This is an image of jupiter and its four moons, the Galilean ...

Mercury and Venus are the only planets without moons. The outer Solar System includes Jupiter, Saturn, Uranus, Neptune and Pluto and the rest of the moons.

According to astronomers, there are now 57 moons of Jupiter that have been identified, but the four largest that we have known about for age ... view more.

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